LSD Trafficking

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Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) is also known as acid. Made from lysergic acid that is found in a fungus, it is the most commonly used hallucinogen, causing unpredictable and altered perceptions, feelings, and thoughts. It is sold on the street in capsules and tablets, but it may also be found in gelatin and liquid or on squares of blotter paper. While it is usually ingested orally, some users put gelatin or liquid acid in their eyes. With LSD use, there is a risk of not being able to see common dangers or make sound judgments, and sometimes there are flashbacks long after use. The government pursues LSD crimes, particularly trafficking, aggressively. If you are charged with this crime, you should hire an experienced Bradenton LSD trafficking lawyer. Hanlon Law fights for people who have been accused of trafficking in LSD, cocaine, meth, and many other drugs.

Fighting an LSD Trafficking Charge

LSD trafficking, like other crimes, must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Drug trafficking is not a charge that is dependent on being a drug kingpin or having substantial connections in the criminal underworld, as you might suppose from television shows. Instead, in Florida, LSD trafficking charges are brought whenever a prosecutor believes that they will be able to show beyond a reasonable doubt that you were involved with a threshold amount of LSD.

LSD trafficking charges are particularly serious because a conviction carries a mandatory minimum sentence. These are sentences for which the judge will not have the discretion to depart downward. The judge will not be able to give you only probation if it is your first offense and did not involve violence. Instead, the law requires the judge to impose a significant, set term of imprisonment. You may face enhanced penalties when there are other circumstances in place. For example, if the LSD trafficking is also associated with a prostitution ring that you run out of your house, and firearms were involved, an LSD trafficking attorney in Bradenton can help devise a strategy to fight these charges as well.

LSD trafficking charges require the prosecutor to show beyond a reasonable doubt that you: (1) knowingly (2) brought into Florida, made, purchased, sold, or possessed (3) a minimum of 1 gram of acid or an acid-containing mixture. One gram of LSD does not take up a lot of space, which means that you can face these charges even for carrying that amount on your person for personal use.

If you are caught with 1-5 grams of LSD, you may face a mandatory minimum sentence of 3 years’ imprisonment and a $50,000 fine. If you are caught with 5-7 grams of LSD, you may face a mandatory minimum sentence of 7 years’ imprisonment and a $100,000 fine. If you are caught with 7 or more grams of LSD, the mandatory minimum sentence is 15 calendar years and a fine of $500,000. If the charge is importation of 7 or more grams of LSD into the state, and you knew that the probable result of the importation would be someone else's death, you can face a capital felony conviction. A capital felony conviction may be punished with life imprisonment or even death.

There are potential defenses that a Bradenton LSD trafficking attorney can raise. As soon as you realize that law enforcement officers are investigating you for LSD trafficking, you should contact us. In some cases, our early involvement may influence the charges that are brought so that you do not face mandatory minimum penalties. In other cases, we may be able to raise a reasonable doubt with the prosecutor about the strength of the case and get a plea bargain. In other situations, it is appropriate to file a motion to suppress the LSD because of the way that it was seized by the police.

Hire a Drug Crime Defense Lawyer in Bradenton

LSD trafficking is a charge that is vigorously prosecuted in and around Bradenton. An experienced criminal defense attorney with a good reputation and trial experience can make a difference to the outcome of the charges. Will Hanlon has provided tough legal representation to people accused of drug crimes since 1994. You can call Hanlon Law at (941) 462-1789 or use our online form to set up a consultation with an LSD trafficking lawyer in Bradenton.